Starkist® Hickory Smoked Tuna*

Starkist® Hickory Smoked Tuna*

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Finding nutritious lunches with some satisfying protein can be tricky—especially if you get bored with flavors as quickly as we do! So, what do you do when you are short on time or creativity? Let a food company do it for you. Starkist® Tuna Creations take a classic lunchtime staple and dress it up in a tasty and convenient way.

The Problem:

You need some tasty, flavorful, and convenient protein for your lunches.

The Product:

Starkist® Hickory Smoked Tuna

starkist tuna review

The Review:

We don’t even like tuna. So the fact that a packaged tuna fish is making an appearance in the Zesty Reviews tells you it must be something special. Starkist Tuna Creations, take the ho-hum out of lunch while providing high quality protein, heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and most importantly big flavor, all in 110 calories.

These tuna pouches come in five other flavors, but we are absolutely hooked on this smoky, hickory flavor. Starkist has some tasty looking recipes on their site, but we haven’t gotten past adding lemon juice and parsley and enjoying with whole wheat crackers.

Yes, there is some added sodium with the flavoring, but it is at a healthy level of 340mg per pouch–not too shabby considering all of the flavor and protein it provides!

Our Conclusion:

Can you tell we are over the moon? Protein, healthy fats, flavor and a bargain only $1.49 per pouch (prices will vary), Starkist® Hickory Smoked Tuna is one of those things we immediately told our moms about.

*This review was not sponsored in any way, but we promise to tell you if a brand provides product or money in exchange for review or content. And we’ll never recommend garbage.

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