We should probably post about something other than snacks but we can’t help ourselves. These are delicious. So delicious that we actually tried to post this several times before we even went live, but kept eating the bag before we could film.

somersaults P2

The Problem: You love snacks. You love chocolate. You don’t love empty calories.

The Product: Somersaults

The Review: These chocolatey, crunchy, little pieces of heaven might just knock your socks off. While they taste sweet enough to feel like a treat, they only contain 4g of sugar and have the benefit of fiber to help fill you up. With sunflower seeds as the main ingredient, they also provide those heart healthy fats found in nuts and seeds.

The only downside to these, is that it is difficult to stoop at 10 pieces! We definitely recommend pre-portioning these into snack bags. Eating straight from the package can be downright dangerous. While the cocoa, sea salt, and cinnamon flavors are the easiest to find, the santa fe salsa variety also makes for a delicious savory treat but can be difficult to find in a lot of supermarkets.

somersaults P3

The Final Verdict: Love them. Enjoy between meals to hold you over or as a replacement for those sweets you’ve been trying to hide from yourself. Whether you want to stick with our go-to flavor, Dutch Cocoa, or try something a little more savory, they are worth giving a try!

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