Healthy Breakfast Toasts

Call it breakfast. Call it a snack. Call it delicious. Call it whatever you want, these healthy breakfast toasts will fuel you up right for the morning, afternoon, or whenever. The combination of flavors, proteins, and produce not only taste delicious but offer fabulous nutrition.

avocado toast post

If you aren’t familiar with farmer’s cheese, it is a pressed cottage cheese, usually low in fat. It has a crumbly texture and a pretty neutral taste. It is sold by most supermarkets in the dairy or cheese section. If you prefer a little more flavor, go ahead and use some part skim or fat free ricotta cheese. Ricotta usually has a slightly saltier taste, so you may not need to use additional salt like our recipe shows–we used an unsalted farmer cheese.

balsamic toast post

One other word of wisdom. Always. Always. Always use the very best balsamic vinegar you can find. Trust us on this. The cheap stuff just isn’t worth it in something like this. Splurge on the balsamic and use less-the flavor is better and the bottle will last you longer.

Stay Zesty!

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